Termite Control: 3 Pre-Construction Techniques That Keep Termites at Bay


Termites can single-handedly destroy the architectural support of your home, as colonies work 24 hours a day eating away at wood and other types of construction materials. While there are many strategies recommended for exterminating termites, you want to make sure that the termites are not even presented the opportunity to start a colony. Your house is most vulnerable when it is still being constructed or when new renovations are being made.

2 May 2016

Swarming Insects: Identifying Flying Ants And Flying Termites


The sight of swarming black insects near your home may raise your concerns about termites. While they may be termites, they may also be flying ants. Both insects go through a swarm stage and can be difficult to tell apart. Knowing how to tell the difference between the two and what to do if you spot them is important to the safety of your home. Flying Ants Many people are confused about exactly what a flying ant is, as they are accustomed to seeing wingless ants.

28 April 2016