How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Bird Feeders


Bird feeders can attract a variety of colorful and pleasant-sounding birds into your yard and garden, and these birds can also be a valuable source of pest control for your plants. However, the food in bird feeders can also attract a number of other, larger pests, like squirrels and raccoons, who can cause damage to your bird feeders and the rest of your yard as a result. Fortunately, before you feel the need to call pest control services, there are a few things that you can do to keep other animals away from your bird feeders and hopefully out of your yard as a result.

24 January 2018

How To Check Carpeting For Bed Bugs


The term bed bugs can be deceiving. While bed bugs obviously live in beds, they can live in many other places throughout your home, including your carpets. If you suspect you have bed bugs, odds are, you have checked your mattress thoroughly. But finding evidence of them on mattresses can be tough, as they can embed themselves deep within the fibers. If you think you have bed bugs, try checking your carpet.

24 November 2017

Two Tips To Mice Proof Your House


Although you might be a nature lover it's unlikely that you enjoy the sight of unwanted critters in your house. It's one thing to see rodents at play in the woods but the story changes entirely when they cross the line and enter your home. Once they set up shop it can be difficult to get rid of mice, causing unwanted anxiety and an overall sense of uneasiness when you're trying to feel comfortable in your house.

2 November 2017

Worried About Your Guests Bringing Bed Bugs This Holiday Season? How To Stop The Infestation


There's a cool breeze in the air, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. That means three things. First, fall has officially arrived. Second, the holidays will be here before you know it. Third, the out-of-town guests will soon be arriving. While it's always fun to have family in for the holidays, they can bring unwanted guests with them, especially if they've been staying in hotels along the way. If your holiday guests bring bed bugs with them, you'll want to get rid of them as soon as possible—the bed bugs, not the guests.

11 October 2017

Things To Know About Rats In A House


Rats can make living in a house fearful and unsanitary when there are a substantial amount of them. However, even the presence of one large rat can interfere with the overall comfort level of some people in their home. If you have seen rats in your house that you want to capture, it can be done in several ways. It is actually a good idea to get rid of rats as soon as possible because of the harm that they can cause in your house.

22 September 2017

Tips For Discouraging Or Eliminating Ladybugs From Your Home


Ladybugs have a reputation for being somewhat of a good luck charm, but when they're in your house in large numbers, they can be a bit of a nuisance. Although they don't bite and won't damage your furniture, you probably still don't want a house full of them. If you've started to see an increasing number of these pests in your house, it's time to tackle the problem head-on. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of them.

1 September 2017

Spot The Signs That You Have A Rodent Problem In Your Home


You might want to confirm your suspicions that you have a rodent problem in your house before you spend your hard earned money on a professional to come out for an inspection. Although the pest control expert can certainly confirm this type of problem for you, you can determine on your own whether you have a rodent problem by looking for the following signs of trouble. Something Sounds Like It Moved Into Your Walls

15 August 2017