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How A Mosquito Control Service Reduces The Number Of Annoying Mosquitoes In Your Yard


When you think of mosquitoes, you might be reminded of how annoying they are when they buzz around your ear at night, dive-bomb you during the day, or bite you and make itchy welts. Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor fun and make you miserable when they get indoors. However, the problem with mosquitoes is more serious than that. These pests can spread diseases that affect your kids and pass on parasites that harm your pets. It's difficult to control mosquitoes on your own since they are everywhere outdoors, but one thing that helps is to hire a mosquito control service. Here's how they can help. 

They Spray Areas Of Your Yard Where Mosquitoes Live

When you get a mosquito treatment, the pest control company usually doesn't spray the entire yard because mosquitoes don't like to hang out in the sun. They're not as likely to be hiding in neatly trimmed grass as they are in plants and under shade trees. When the pest control company visits, they create a custom spraying plan just for your yard. They'll spray plants and shady areas with a pesticide that kills the mosquitoes it touches and then dries to keep killing mosquitoes that come in contact with the plants.

You may wonder how pesticide spray can be effective for mosquitoes when it's used outdoors, and rain flows over your plants. Rain doesn't wash off the pesticide, and it continues to work for a few weeks. When raindrops gather on the plants and mosquitoes stop for a drink, they'll be killed. This can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes you have to deal with in your yard.

Use Natural Repellents If You Prefer

Pesticides are stronger than natural mosquito repellents, so you may get the best results with the pesticides. However, if you want something natural because your pets and kids play in the yard and you'll feel better about using a natural product, you can probably find a mosquito pest control company that offers natural treatments. These usually have to be applied more often, and rather than kill mosquitoes, they tend to use essential oils that repel them.

No matter what kind of mosquito spray the company uses, your pets and kids should stay indoors and not come out until the spray has dried on the plants. The pest control company will let you know how long to wait, depending on the product used.

Mosquito control treatments are usually applied by the company on each visit, but if you have a bad problem with mosquitoes due to the environment around your home, the pest control company might mount misters in your yard that kick on and off on a set schedule so that you have more intense treatment around the perimeter of your yard.

The pest control expert assesses the mosquito threat on your property and recommends the best treatment plan. This might also include suggestions on how you can slow down mosquito breeding by keeping your yard free of clutter that can hold rain and allow the pests to multiply.


22 November 2019