Learning About Natural Pest Control

Hello. My name is Petunia. Welcome. I would like to share my experience with natural pest control tactics with you through this site. I am deathly afraid of all insects that crawl and fly. When an insect enters my living space, I have to call in reinforcements to help me remove the invader. I do not believe in using chemicals when natural substances can do the job, however. Therefore, I started to become adept at using natural pest control tactics to keep pests from entering my home in the first place. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your home pest free. Thanks.

Enjoy A Pest-Free Picnic This Spring


When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, it can be difficult to stay indoors all day. Whether you are headed to the park or just hanging in the backyard, a picnic can be a great way to enjoy a meal outside. One of the biggest deterrents people often face when trying to spend time outside is the pests. With the addition of food, flies, wasps, ants, and spiders can quickly become unwanted guests at your meal. In order to avoid attracting bugs and insects at your next meal, here are some tips for keeping them away. 

Keep the Area Clean

If you are choosing to have your picnic in your own backyard, one of the first things you want to do is clean up the area. Pay special attention to the area where you will be sitting out the food. Before you get started, you want to prepare an ideal spot for your shindig. This can be done by clearing out any debris from the area. If you have trash in the area, you want to make sure to remove it. Smells can attract pesky insects.

Remove Excess Water

Mosquito and flies are especially attracted to water. Look around your backyard for any stagnant water that could be lying around. Check the ground to make sure it is not soggy. If you have had a lot of rain recently, you may want to use a hard surface like a patio or walkway for your picnic area. If you have a koi pond or water feature in your yard, make sure to set up your picnic away from the area. 

Choose the Right Foods

While many foods may actually attract the annoying insects, there are certain ingredients that can actually repel them. Pasta can be a very heavy item for a picnic, but adding basil to it can help keep insects away. Adding a basil leaf or two as a garnish not only makes it look visually appealing for you and your guests, but insects hate the smell of the basil. Another great item to have at your picnic is oranges and lemons. Insects despise the citrus smell and citrus items are generally healthy so you can get in some much needed fruit. 

Avoid Bright Colors

It can be tempting to decorate your picnic area with bright, vibrant colors, but insects can also be attracted to the beautiful colors. A neutral sheet or blanket can be perfect for laying out all your food and utensils without inviting pesky bugs. Additionally, you will want to use simple, plastic containers and utensils for any easy cleanup and ensuring you are not causing attention to all the food. 

For more pest and wasp eradication tips, contact a pest control company. 


1 January 2019