Learning About Natural Pest Control

Hello. My name is Petunia. Welcome. I would like to share my experience with natural pest control tactics with you through this site. I am deathly afraid of all insects that crawl and fly. When an insect enters my living space, I have to call in reinforcements to help me remove the invader. I do not believe in using chemicals when natural substances can do the job, however. Therefore, I started to become adept at using natural pest control tactics to keep pests from entering my home in the first place. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your home pest free. Thanks.

Control Pests So They Don't Control You


Whether in the home or the garden, pests test our sanity and productivity.  Their impacts are species-specific and range from a benign annoyance to some seriously destructive behaviors including damaging the structural integrity of your home, infesting food supplies, or even spreading disease.  Additionally, mental, emotional, and physical stress may take a toll along with feelings of guilt and shame in some cases. Try not to fret over this universal human experience and remember that this too shall pass, but only if you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to nip it in the bud.  Time really is of the essence here, and you'll want to act quickly no matter what the pest.  A multi-pronged approach is usually best if you are serious about covering all bases.

The first step, prevention, can sometimes be achieved through general cleanliness and diligent effort.  Often it's only possible to take preventative steps once you know you are prone to a certain type of pest.  Sealing grains in hard plastic or metal containers, for example, is one way to protect your food supplies from mice and pantry moths.  Maintaining cleanliness eliminates the food source that many pests like ants, mice, and cockroaches are attracted to.  When prevention wasn't enough, and you find yourself in the midst of an infestation, arm yourself with knowledge and act quickly.

Common insect pests such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, and termites have hard outer shells that usually protect them from their outer environment.  One simple substance that literally becomes a chink in this armor is diatomaceous earth. These small crystals spell death to hard-shelled pests because of their ability to get stuck in between shell segments. Best of all, it's completely natural and will not harm you, your kids or your furry friends (it even works for fleas!)  It's inexpensive too and can be found at all garden stores.

Identification of the pest and source may be obvious and with a little research, easy to deal with yourself.  Sometimes, however, it requires effort beyond your time and ability.  In these cases call professional pest control services equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to identify and eliminate your unwelcome guests.  An inspector will come to your home, evaluate the extent of the infestation and offer you their recommendations. They'll come prepared with a multi-pronged approach which may include setting traps or in the most extreme cases, placing poison.  Don't hesitate to ask them about safe and effective natural solutions before resorting to harsh synthetic chemicals which may be toxic to your family.  Rest assured, you can trust in their experience. Pest Control Services will guide you through the necessary steps to get you and your family back to the peace of mind you deserve. 


26 February 2018