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Hello. My name is Petunia. Welcome. I would like to share my experience with natural pest control tactics with you through this site. I am deathly afraid of all insects that crawl and fly. When an insect enters my living space, I have to call in reinforcements to help me remove the invader. I do not believe in using chemicals when natural substances can do the job, however. Therefore, I started to become adept at using natural pest control tactics to keep pests from entering my home in the first place. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your home pest free. Thanks.

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Bird Feeders


Bird feeders can attract a variety of colorful and pleasant-sounding birds into your yard and garden, and these birds can also be a valuable source of pest control for your plants. However, the food in bird feeders can also attract a number of other, larger pests, like squirrels and raccoons, who can cause damage to your bird feeders and the rest of your yard as a result. Fortunately, before you feel the need to call pest control services, there are a few things that you can do to keep other animals away from your bird feeders and hopefully out of your yard as a result.

Hanging Location

One of the easiest ways to keep squirrels and other pests out of your bird feeders is to alter their location in your yard so that your feeders aren't near any low-hanging branches. Stringing a bird feeder on a long wire in the middle of your yard, with empty wire spools, shiny materials, or other deterrents on the wire itself, can prove to be effective at limiting your bird feeder to birds only.


In order to make bird feeders even less attractive for rodents and raccoons, you should also make an effort to clean up the area underneath the bird feeder where fallen seeds can collect. These can prove to be an easier food source for pests that can't fly and can attract them to your bird feeder in the first place.


One of the best ways to keep squirrels and raccoons, both of whom are adept climbers, out of your bird feeders is to install a baffle on the underside of your feeder. Baffles are available at most hardware stores and are designed like a large plastic bowl. Installed on the bottom or top of your bird feeder (or both, if you really want to), the smooth curve of the baffle makes it impossible for animals to get a grip and climb onto the feeder.


Beyond taking efforts to keep squirrels and other rodents away from your bird feeder specifically, you can also implement measures to keep those pests out of your yard entirely. Commercial deterrents are available at most hardware stores, which contain the urine or scent of natural predators. Spraying these deterrents around your yard every few days can keep pests away. For a more natural alternative, you can use chili powder or some other spicy substance; the heat of the spices will prove to be repelling to most animals. Keep in mind that you'll have to reapply deterrents often, especially if it rains, for them to continue to be effective.


24 January 2018