Learning About Natural Pest Control

Hello. My name is Petunia. Welcome. I would like to share my experience with natural pest control tactics with you through this site. I am deathly afraid of all insects that crawl and fly. When an insect enters my living space, I have to call in reinforcements to help me remove the invader. I do not believe in using chemicals when natural substances can do the job, however. Therefore, I started to become adept at using natural pest control tactics to keep pests from entering my home in the first place. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your home pest free. Thanks.

5 Tips For Rodent Control


Discovering a mouse or rat in your home can be surprising and horrifying. No one wants to think about having these furry pest scampering around the house, not to mention the fact that rodents can spread diseases and damage the electrical wiring in a house. If you want to keep rodents out of your home, use the following tips:

Store Food Properly

Rodents need to eat, and they will often turn towards your kitchen to find nourishment. Non-perishable foods that are kept in a pantry should always be stored in airtight containers after a package is open. Avoid leaving fruit or loaves of bread on your kitchen counter where a rodent can access it. Be diligent about cleaning your counter tops to remove crumbs and particles of food that may attract rodents. It is also important to remove pet food from the kitchen floor after meal times.

Get Rid of Water Sources

If you fear having rodents in your home, make sure that there are no water sources in your home that a rodent can utilize. Immediately fix leaking pipes and faucets, and make sure that all drains are kept clear. Also avoid leaving your pet's water bowl on the floor all of the time.

Seal Access Points

Rodents can squeeze through small openings, so it is very important that your home is completely secure. Make sure that cracks in your foundation are promptly filled, and also seal the areas where utility pipes enter the home. Inspect your attic to make sure that vents are in good repair and secured tightly. You will also want to ensure that there is a vent in your chimney if your home happens to have a fireplace.

Pay Attention to Trash

The trash your household produces can make a tasty meal for a rodent. Make sure that the trash can in your home has a secure lid, and dispose of trash frequently. Keep the lid of your outdoor garbage can closed, and don't overfill your garbage can since it can prevent the lid from closing all of the way.

Contact a Pest Control Company

If you fear a rodent infestation in your home, one of the best things you can do is hire a reputable pest control company. They will know where to set traps, and can also use rodenticide to help eliminate the rodents that are already in your home. After ridding your home of the rodent infestation, a pest control company like Eagle Pest Eliminators can provide preventative measures to keep the rodents from returning.


6 March 2017