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What You Need To Know If You Have Anxiety & PTSD From A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home


If you have a fear of bed bugs, you are not alone. In fact, some people become so distraught over the little blood suckers that their mental health gets impacted, which is what happened in Detroit when a woman burned down an apartment building out of her desperation to get rid of the bed bugs.

That incessant worry and anxiety caused her to not think clearly about her actions, which involved an opened stove on full blast to get the apartment as hot as possible and fumes from rubbing alcohol to try to kill the bed bugs. Unfortunately, the excessive heat ignited the fumes from rubbing alcohol. Stories like this can make you realize that it is very possible to suffer from anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to an infestation of bed bugs.

Take Care Of You

Psychiatric research has shown that bed bugs can, indeed, cause PTSD. Anxiety and PTSD can be difficult to overcome, especially when your triggers are always present. It's a good idea to seek professional care from a psychiatrist and therapist if you feel you have anxiety and/or PTSD, especially if you must continue to live in the home before, during, and after treatment.

It's a good idea to have someone with you for emotional support if you need to be in the home during pest control treatment. Since bed bugs can travel on clothing, the pest control service personnel may show up wearing hazmat suits. While your home is being treated, it may be a good idea to stay with a supportive and understanding friend and/or family member, especially if you are unable to think clearly. It's not a good idea to stay alone in a hotel, especially given the fact that hotels are notorious for bed bug infestations.

However, if staying in a hotel is your only option, there are apps available that show where people have lodged complaints about bed bugs in hotels and apartment buildings. This can help you narrow down your choices so you can find somewhere to lay your head without being too overly concerned about bed bugs.

Treat Your Home & Prevent Future Infestations

Treatment for bed bug control can include the use of heat and/or insecticides and are determined by the severity of the infestation and any local ordinances that may be in place. Extreme heat causes bed bugs to die and is a safe option for families with children and/or pets. It's important to vacuum the dead bed bugs up after the heat has subsided in the house, especially if you or someone in your family is allergic to bed bugs.

After treatment is completed and the pest control service determines that your home is rid of bed bugs, ask them to install bed bug monitors in your home. These monitors are designed to attract bed bugs as quickly as possible when infestation levels are considered low. This can help reduce the risks of an explosive, out-of-control population of bed bugs, which is harder to completely exterminate.

Anxiety and PTSD can play tricks on your mind, which can make you think there are bed bugs in your home even after they've all been eliminated. Because of this, you may want to schedule a routine inspection service with a pest control service. Ideally, the service who will do the regular inspections will be the one who did the extermination.

The reason for this is because pest control companies keep detailed records of each visit to every home in their list of clients. That means that every technician who works for the pest control company will get a brief—yet detailed—overview of the extermination measure and preventative steps that have already been taken at the time.


24 May 2016