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Taking Aim at Squirrels: What to Do When They Infest Your Rental Property


When you rent out apartments or homes, it is important to keep your tenants satisfied with the maintenance of the property. This includes making sure that pests like squirrels do not take over the grounds, destroy vegetation and infiltrate building spaces. If you have an infestation of squirrels in your apartment complex, the following guide can help you implement a plan to manage them.

Warn Residents About Squirrels

Squirrels can destroy plants, invade bird feeders, and even short out electrical devices like transformers. Once they get inside, they can chew through insulation, build nests and keep residents up at night with noises from scurrying around in attics and in between walls.

If your property becomes overpopulated by tree and ground squirrels, be upfront with your residents about the dangers of feeding and trying to entice the small creatures. While they may look like carefree animals having a good time scurrying from power lines to trees, if you try to feed them they may bite and put you at risk for rabies, ringworm and other diseases.

Send out notices to your residents to ask them to refrain from feeding squirrels or trying to turn them into pets. The small animals cannot be domesticated, have razor sharp nails and are unpredictable. If you or one of your residents is concerned about an injured squirrel, contact your local animal control office instead of trying to handle the rodents on your own.

Remove Squirrel Food Sources

In order to keep squirrels from feeding on your property, remove their main sources of food. While bird feeders may attract colorful birds, they are also a place where squirrels can easily find food.

Either remove the bird feeders or apply petroleum jelly to bird feeder poles to make it hard for squirrels to climb up to the food containers. Some garden stores even sell squirrel-resistant bird feeders. Also ask residents to do the same, rather than replacing their bird feeders for them. Then, make sure that outdoor trash receptacles and dumpsters have covers so squirrels cannot find food in the garbage.

Modify Vegetation and Block Entry Points

If you routinely see squirrels running around upper floor walkways and roofs, make sure that you remove tree branches that are close to apartments so the animals cannot jump from trees to buildings. Also avoid planting hickory and oak trees on your property. These trees provide ample seeds and nuts for squirrels.

In order to keep squirrels from using utility lines as launching pads to the roof and balconies, ask your utility company about installing strips of PVC material on the lines. When the squirrels try to run on the PVC, the strips will rotate preventing squirrels from running on them.

If there are vents and chimneys on your apartment buildings, cover openings with screens to keep squirrels out. If a squirrel gets caught in a chimney or vent, you will need to call a pest control specialist to remove the rodent.

Get Your Property Inspected by Professionals

Even if you feel you can get the squirrel problem under control, you should get your property inspected by a pest control expert to make sure that there are not hidden nests in your building. Pros can also find sources of food that you may have missed. One thing you should not do if squirrels become a major problem is shoot the rodents. In some states squirrels are considered game animals and you need a license to hunt and kill them.

A licensed pest control firm can use repellants, pesticides and traps that are unavailable to consumers and will not endanger other animals. Otherwise, they can create a plan for you to get rid of them and keep them out. Do not try to eradicate squirrels with pesticides because you may end up doing more harm than good by killing beneficial plants and insects. You could also put domesticated animals like cats in danger of getting poisoned.

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18 May 2016