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Worried about the Effects of Termite Extermination on Your Kids and Pets? What Are Your Safest Options?


If you've recently received the sobering news that your home has termites, you may be anxious at the thought of these pests digging their way into your home and want to schedule a bug bombing as quickly as possible. However, if you have young children or pets at home, you may also be concerned at the thought of them encountering residual pesticides in your home or on your lawn. Are there any natural or nontoxic ways to quickly eliminate your termite problem? Read on to learn more about how you can get rid of your home's termites (and keep them away for good) without using potentially harmful chemicals or insecticides.

Are there any natural ways to treat a termite infestation?

Although the mere word "termites" strikes fear into the heart of any homeowner, these insects do serve a valuable purpose in the natural world. Without termites, dead or dying trees and brush would take decades to decompose. Termites speed up this process and create compost that can improve the soil quality. However, you'll want to encourage any termites in your area to feast on fallen trees rather than your deck or your home's structural support beams.

In many cases, you can help draw out termites from your home by placing rotting logs in strategic locations near the edge of your yard. When the termites from your home colonize this log, you'll be able to drag it deeper into the woods away from your home or even have it disposed of by a logging or landscaping company. You'll also want to inspect your home's foundation and any retaining walls for "termite tubes," which look like small mud cylinders and are used for sleep and shelter when termites begin invading a new structure. If you see any of these tubes, knock them off the wall immediately and spray the wall with a garden hose to thoroughly remove any residue. 

Another way to prevent termites from entering your home is to ensure there's an adequate barrier between your home's foundation and the surrounding soil. Although they have wings, termites tend to burrow through soil like ants to get from place to place. Removing any wood chips or other potential source of infestation from the area immediately bordering your foundation can help block this transfer, as can the placement of a steel or aluminum shield around the edge of your foundation.

What should you do to immediately rid your home of termites without the use of chemical insecticides? 

While these prevention methods should discourage termites from settling in or near your home—and can gradually draw existing termites out of your home over time—if you have an active colony of termites you'll need to take more immediate extermination measures. The longer these termites are in your home, the more structural damage they'll cause and the harder they'll be to eradicate. 

Fortunately, there are a few chemical-free extermination methods that should be sufficient to rid your home of termites. The first is the application of diatomaceous earth around the border of your foundation. This soil acts as a dessicant, and as termites burrow their way through the soil, they swallow the diatoms that will lead to dehydration and, eventually, death. 

Another insecticide that recently hit the market involves the use of a termite-specific fungus. This fungus is harmless when encountered by pets and children, but can quickly kill off the majority of a termite colony even if the fungus is only applied to around 10 percent of the total termite population. This spray should begin killing off your home's termites within a week.

For further options, contact a termite exterminator in your area.


11 May 2016