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Termite Control: 3 Pre-Construction Techniques That Keep Termites at Bay


Termites can single-handedly destroy the architectural support of your home, as colonies work 24 hours a day eating away at wood and other types of construction materials. While there are many strategies recommended for exterminating termites, you want to make sure that the termites are not even presented the opportunity to start a colony. Your house is most vulnerable when it is still being constructed or when new renovations are being made. Here are 3 pre-construction techniques that you should consider implementing.

Spread Soil-applied Liquid Termiticides

It's easy for termites to make their way into construction materials when there are no barriers set up. Termites can easily travel and hide in the soil, so that you and the construction workers are unaware of their presence. The easiest way to preventing termites from even reaching or coming into contact with your house or with any newly renovated areas is to spread soil-applied liquid termiticides around your property. The termiticides in the soil will act as a chemical barrier.

Soil-applied liquid termiticides can be added to your property before the concrete foundation is poured. The soil is spread around the perimeter of the property. There are two different types of liquid termiticides that can be applied: non-repellent or repellent. Repellent termiticides work by making sure that the termites will avoid the treated soil. On the other hand, non-repellent termiticides will not deter termites from tunneling in the soil. Instead, the termites will eventually die from exposure to the chemicals in the termiticides.

Wrap Stainless Steel Mesh Around Vulnerable Areas

During the construction process, a lot of the internal architectural areas will be exposed to the environment. Termites can easily hide in small nooks and crannies, and eventually burrow their way into the heart of the house. To prevent termites from being able to reach these vulnerable areas, have the foundations, the pipes, and other areas exposed to the external environment wrapped with a stainless steel mesh. The stainless steel mesh will act as a physical barrier to prevent termite intrusion.

The stainless steel mesh should not be used as a substitute for termiticides. Instead, it should be used in conjunction with other termite control treatments and techniques for optimal efficacy. This way, even if a termite is able to reach the construction materials by luck, it will not be able to burrow into the house.

Install Metal Termite Shields

The foundation of the house is most vulnerable to termite intrusion, so additional mechanisms should be implemented to keep termites at bay. If the termites are able to make their way past soil containing termiticides, it might be able to tread along the walls and piers of the foundation. Erect a physical barrier with metal termite shields. These shields are made from non-corroding metal for optimal stability, and are installed at a 45 degree angle at least two inches out and down of the wall of the foundation. 

Remember to inspect the metal shields at the seam for holes. Even the smallest hole will allow a termite to burrow into the foundation, where it can then access surrounding wooden structures and damage the foundation of your home. 

Termite control should be implemented not only after your house has been constructed, but also before the house has been constructed and during the construction. It's important to take appropriate measures for termite control in order to prevent the foundation and support system of your house from being attacked by these pesky pests. There are other methods that are also highly recommended. For more information or assistance, contact services like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.


2 May 2016